Social Media Awards 2023

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents Social Media Awards (SMA) for Indonesian Missions as an appreciation for the Missions’ and Head of Missions’ efforts in disseminating information to the public, especially in accredited countries through social media platforms. The SMA assessment is carried out by an independent and experienced institution in assessing and developing governments’ social media.

In 2023, SMA is awarded for three main categories, namely Best Performance Mission, Digital Head of Mission, and Best Growth Mission. The Best Performance Mission category is an combination of values from the three previous categories in 2022 (Most Active Mission, Most Engaging Mission, and Best Use of Visuals), which is divided into three groups; PRPB group, Indonesian Missions in countries with a population of up to 40 million, and Indonesian Missions in countries with a population of more than 40 million. The Digital Head of Mission category is given to the Head of Indonesian Mission who uses digital media to spread the achievements of diplomacy and foreign policy, which is divided into PRPB group and non-PRPB group. The Best Growth Mission category is awarded to Indonesian Mission with the fastest growth in the use of digital technology in conveying diplomatic achievements.

Social Media Awards 2023

The list of 2023 SMA winners in each category is:

Best Performance Mission

Kelompok PRPB - KBRI Islamabad.jpg

Kelompok penduduk hingga 40 juta KBRI Jeddah.jpg

Kelompok penduduk di atas 40 juta KBRI Seoul.jpg

Digital Head of Mission

Kelompok PRPB Duta Herry Sudradjat (Kepala Perwakilan KBRI Maputo).jpg

Kelompok Non-PRPB Duta Besar Dr. Desra Percaya (Kepala Perwakilan KBRI London).jpg

Best Growth Mission

Best Growth Mission KBRI Riyadh.jpg