in a Challenging World

The world is facing urgent challenges, such as pandemic recovery, the impact of the war in Ukraine, the threat of economic recession, and climate change. At the same time, rivalries between powerful countries are growing at a rapid pace, complicating joint efforts to overcome global challenges.

Similarly, the Asia-Pacific region also has to navigate complicated challenges. As a strategic region, the Indo-Pacific has become a battlefield where great powers seek to extend their influence. In addition, the region contains vulnerable points that may implode at any given time and, without proper handling, can give rise to open conflict that endangers regional peace, stability, and prosperity.

With these looming challenges, the world and the region require a strong leadership that can spark the spirit of cooperation and collaboration. A leadership that unites, not divides. A leadership that focuses on finding solutions, not exacerbating problems. The theme "Leadership in a Challenging World" reflects Indonesia's contribution in leading the world and the region.

In its G20 Presidency, Indonesia has succeeded in reviving the spirit of global cooperation and collaboration. The G20 Summit in Bali produced the Leaders' Declaration, which reflects the G20's shared commitment to collaborate in addressing global challenges.  For the first time, the Summit produced concrete deliverables that bring real benefits to the people, especially those in developing countries.

In 2023, Indonesia will become the Chair of ASEAN. Indonesia aims to ensure ASEAN's unity and centrality so that ASEAN can continue its role as the anchor of regional peace and prosperity. Indonesia aspires to create a resilient ASEAN that is capable of facing various global challenges and becomes a center for inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Aside from the G20 and ASEAN, Indonesia also plays an important role in various international forums, becoming a solution and bridge builder in the face of global challenges.

About PPTM

As a form of accountability and transparency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs annually organizes the Minister of Foreign Affairs Annual Press Statement (PPTM). The PPTM is an important event at the beginning of every year where the Minister for Foreign Affairs delivers a speech on the prior year’s achievements of Indonesia's diplomacy as well as Indonesia's foreign policy priorities for the coming year.

During the PPTM, the public can also see and learn more about Indonesia's foreign policy and the implementation of diplomacy and the development of international cooperation in various fields through exhibitions of diplomatic achievements.

Download here for the Annual Press Statement of the Minister for Foreign Affairs 2023.

PPTM 2023 will be hosted by Joy Citradewi and also feature a special performance of Mocca.

Adam Malik Awards 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to work closely with the Indonesian and international media. As a form of appreciation for the support and partnerships with the media, especially the national media, the Minister of Foreign Affairs presents the Adam Malik Awards (AMA) to Indonesian journalists for their accurate, objective, educational, and balanced journalistic works.

Adam Malik Awards, which was first held in 2002, was born from the Foreign Policy Breakfast meeting between the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the mass media's Editor-in-Chiefs, and media figures on January 16, 2002.

Social Media Awards

Since 2020, the Minister for Foreign Affairs has awarded the Social Media Award (SMA) for the Indonesian Missions as an appreciation for the efforts of the Missions and Heads of Missions in disseminating information to the public, especially in accredited countries, through social media platforms.

The SMA assessment is carried out by an independent and experienced institution in assessing and developing governments’ social media.